The Mason & Hamlin Portable Organ Restoration



This is my next project, which is my first "non-Canadian" organ to be fully restored.

The organ was purchased from a friendly couple in Cambridge, Ontario Canada, who had taken care of it for the past few years.  They also had a handsome piano cased Thomas organ, so this little organ was not needed anymore.  Here was a good opportunity to add a small Mason & Hamlin to my collection.

It has 49 notes, 2 ranks and the patented Mason and Hamlin "Automatic Bellows Swell" .  This will be a nice organ to have around, as it will fit in the back seat of my car and with a little straining I can load/unload it myself.

The organ did make a little sound when worked hard, but I could not engage both ranks as there was too much air loss somewhere.

Will a little organ with plenty of potential issues be less work than a large church organ?  After the first week I am thinking that it is going to be more work!

Time will tell...



Restoration Pictures

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