The Kasiram B Calcuttawala Harmonium



Back in early 2017, my friend Charlie Robison asked if I would consider restoring an instrument for him.  He had come across this harmonium that looked very much like a Kasriel or a Mayer-Marix from France, yet it had a label on it indicating it was made by Kasiram B Calcuttawala from Bombay, India. 

The feeders/bellows are in the foot treadles and the stops have French nomenclature to them.  The reeds are stamped 'Kasriel'. 

Unfortunately, the sound is currently unknown as it is totally silent no matter how hard you try to get wind into it!  It appears to have been extensivly repaired in the past, with caulking and a possible bellows replacement,  I hope that this is not a bad sign...

This harmonium will be a nice change for restorations, in size and condition, comparing it to my last restoration (Doherty Cathedral)!  How can something this small have any surprises anyway?

Addendum:  As I have progressed in to this harmonium, I have learned that small does not mean simple!


Restoration Pictures

The 201 pictures below tell the story of this instrument, completed in 2018.  There were a few moments that I thought it was not going to be possible..