The J. B. Cramer & Co. Harmonium, made by P. Trayser, Germany



There are not very many of these organs around, I was very fortunate to acquire it in Montreal.  The valves and bellows are disintegrated, and I have not heard what it sounds like yet.   This will be a fun little harmonium (pressure instrument) to play when complete!

There is no known provenance, other than that I found a business card in it that it was repaired by Robert Cameron of Hensall Ontario - the same place where I recovered several actions and reed organ parts from his estate in 2012.  After a quick look at the reeds, it appears that this is a J.B. Cramer & Co harmonium only in the name,
it was manufactured by P. Trayser of Germany for J. B. Cramer.


Restoration Pictures

Below you will find 90 pictures of this restoration/repair.  Each picture has a description of what it is, and the story of this restoration.