DominionChapel-0082.pngThe Dominion Chapel Restoration


It all started in July of 2018, when I was asked if I was interested in this organ that was located in Quebec.  It was beautifully refinished, and the insides were partially restored.  Since it had 17 stops, and I have always been curious about these organs (since they seemed so similar to Berlin), I decided to take up on the offer and try my hand at finishing restoring it.

The organ was brought home on August 19, 2018, and the restoration was completed over the next four weeks (with another small folding organ restored at the same time).  This was an easy restoration with no serious problems, just clean and replace materials were necessary.  It turned out to be a wonderful instrument.

There are 100 pictures below that tell the story of this restoration.

For a video example, click the video below: