The Bell Traveller Folding Organ



This little Bell Traveller Folding organ came to my care from a talented and local musician duo, Tragedy Ann.  They intend on using this little instrument for music performance, it was just purchased and they stopped in at our house to leave it with me for restoration.


Liv Cazzola and Braden Phelan of Tragedy Ann

Originally, these organs were intended for missionaries, or any travelling preacher - they are often referred as "preacher's organs".  They were also a great asset to any travelling musician, as these were powerful and good sounding instruments that could go anywhere!

However, this instrument was no longer folding - at some point in its history the lower half was removed and it was made into a fixed stand-up organ, made from fairly thick plywood.  The knee levers were disengaged, and the swell mechanism was dislocated so that the swell would remain open and the link rod was poking out of the top of the grill cloth.

Be sure to visit the pictures of this restoration.  The pictures briefly explain the restoration story of this little organ, from a barely functional organ which was heavily modified, to a real and unique musical instrument.



Restoration Pictures

Click on the links below for the story of the restoration, 136 pictures total: