A reed organ (often referred to as a pump organ) is a unique instrument that used to be found in many homes, churches, schools and many other places where people gathered whenever music was required.  Over the past 100 years, the majority of these organs have not been maintained properly and have become less appreciated - except by those who know the music and vast array of tones they can create.  I happen to be one of those who enjoy the hobby of restoring these old instruments back to their former glory, and playing them.

Choose the links in the Restorations section to see what I call the "Picture Diaries" of the organs I have restored.  If restoring is something you might want to try, perhaps there will be pictures to help you through your restoration as many organs have a lot in common.  

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Current Restorations


The 1889 D.W. Karn Reed Organ from the Old St. Thomas Church

It is always a joy to restore an organ for a church, especially when they are celebrating a 200th anniversary.

This D.W. Karn reed organ has been silent for a long time, click here or the image below for details:


Restoring Reed Organs

Restoring reed organs is a great and rewarding hobby.  If you have an understanding of simple machinery with valves and levers, then you can probably restore a reed organ.  Some instruments are easy, some can be incredibly difficult or impossibly without a little experience.  There are many 'pitfalls' and common errors that a first time restorer will encounter - this is why I suggest to read the document in the restoration link on the Reed Organ Society website first, then dig in! 

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The Reed Organ Society

I am a member of the Reed Organ Society, an International Organization dedicated to the preservation and promotion of reed organs.  If you are a reed organ enthusiast, I suggest you join, the ROS Quarterly alone is worth the minimal yearly dues.

The sounds of reed organs