Karn Serial 18100

The restoration of the D.W. Karn Reed Organ


The D.W. Karn reed organ serial 18100 was made in Woodstock, Ontario Canada, and dated May 28, 1888.  It is a simple organ, with 107 reeds - a little smaller than 2 full ranks.

The organ belongs to the Woodstock Museum, and was selected to be restored from it's current silent state.

Unfortunately the original top is missing, which includes the music desk.  I am optimistic that one will be found for this organ someday.

This website contains a picture "diary" of the restoration, of taking a silent organ and returning it back to a musical instrument once again.

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My 4th Karn Restoration!

It seems like there are many Karn organs in this area.  Rightfully so because the Karn factory was so close to where I live.