This organ has been sitting in my shop patiently waiting to be restored since May 2012.  The opportunity arose that I was able to purchase it from a family in Oshawa, Ontario Canada.  The organ does "play", but the keys are extremely sloppy and loose, and it requires a lot of wind to bring sound out of it.  This will be the largest organ I have restored to date, with 440 reed and 2 manuals.

The morning we picked up the organ, I was a little excited for the opportunity to restore such a fine instrument.

In order to transport it home, it had to be placed on its back .  I was worried about damages to the main action so it was removed before the case was loaded.  Besides, it was so heavy that we had to lighten it up as much as possible.

Once all of the parts were loaded in the truck, as you can see in the picture to the right, I was ecstatic, grinning like Cheshire Cat over my new buddy.

Since that May, I have done small jobs to the organ, such as making missing finials from a picture that was emailed to me, I helped fix some ciphers, and repaired/replaced a missing stop knob and several stop faces.

I am not certain of the manufacture date, but it is likely a later model from 1918, as indicated on the keyboard under the stop board.  This style of case was available as early  as 1891 from the Dominion catalogue.

Throughout this restoration, I will be posting images of the organ as I tackle each section. 

When complete, this instrument will hopefully play as good as it did when it left the Dominion Organ and Piano factory so many years ago.

Restoring reed organs is a hobby of mine, I do not do it professionally.  It is a passion that could be taken up by almost anyone - you would not believe the sounds that these instruments can make once restored.

  If you decide you would like to try and restore a reed organ, be sure to learn the "do's and don't" before you start.  More information can be found on the Reed Organ Society website on restoring reed organs.


Rodney Jantzi
Baden, Ontario
Last updated December 14, 2012

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